Fixing Up an old 1960′s Santafe Travel Trailer

Fixing up an old 1960′s Santafe Travel Trailer.

A few days ago a friend dropped off an old 1960′s Santafe travel trailer for me to do whatever I want with. “He gave it to me and I didn’t pay a cent for it”

All he wants is the old axle. Which is fine as the axle needs replaced anyhow before I take it on any long trips.

I had thought about scrapping it. But have decided to put a little money into it to make it a nice little camper to visit family with and go on camping trips. I may even decide to live in it full time.

I’m single right now and it’s just the right size for me. I don’t plan to make everything original looking in it.

But just plan to do some renovations to make it a nice little travel trailer.

It has some water damage that I have to fix. I’ll get some pics of that soon. Part of the floor is rotted but I plan to just tear up the whole floor and replace it with new osb.

And then use some vinyl tile over the plywood.

I’ll then build in some cabinets and add a stove and sink and toilet.

This travel trailer was gutted by my friends dad to be used as a storage shed for some tools.

Here’s a pic of the trailer itself on the outside. More pics to come of the inside and the renovations to it as I progress this summer.

All the leaks have been stopped except around the roof vent which is getting replaced hopefully in a few days.

Most of the paneling is gonna be removed and replaced with some I already have laying around. And it’s gonna get a total rewire.

SantaFe Travel Trailer Vintage Restore

Here’s a few photos of the frame work redone. This is the window frame work over the kitchen area.

Kitchen window frame work
Below’s a pic of the bottom frame work redone.

Bottom Frame Work

Next is the flooring I redid in the front portion. I tore up the old rotted plywood and laid some new osb down.

Front Floor OSB

After redoing the floor I added a countertop and stove I took out of an old dodge motorhome.



I built the frame work for the counter top and just used the counter top from the old motor home. The frame to the counter top in the motor home was rotten.

The kitchen counter/cabinet still needs to be fully built. But that’s how far I’ve gotten so far.

How To Make Money Scrapping Metal

How To Make Money Scrapping Metal
Recycling metal is not only good for the environment but is also good for the wallet.

Although you won’t be a millionaire scrapping metal you can still make a good income if you have a nice supply of scrap metal.

Look for scrap Metal
To sell metal for scrap you need to get you some to begin with.
Some ways to find scrap metal is to go looking for it either in dumpsters, or drive by houses on trash day to see if anyone has thrown out any metal.

You’d be surprised what people will throw out. I’ve found many good vacuum cleaners that are in perfect working order after cleaning out the hoses. Or some just need a belt.

The others that have a burned motor I scrap. I’ve found copper piping and brass fittings as well.

Types Of Scrap Metal

There are many different types of scrap metal and each different type of metal has different values at the scrap yard. Some types are worth more than others and some are worth less.

Copper is the most valuable of all the scrap metals. Well gold is the most but I doubt you’ll find much gold in the trash.

All sorts of things have copper on or in them. Sometimes you can find copper pans, plates etc. Old CRT tvs have lots of copper and even old crt computer monitors.

Don’t discount the flat screens as they too have some copper in them as well as some tin and a bit of aluminum.

Tin isn’t all that valuable. But it is still worth something. Right now our yard is giving 8 cents per pound for tin.

There’s lots of things out there with tin. Tin food cans if you smash them down old computer cases tin off air conditioners etc.

Brass is pretty valuable. Sometimes people throw out old brass faucets or drain pipes from sinks.


Iron is a little more than tin. At our yard it’s anything steel 1/4″ thick or thicker and cut 3 ft lengths.

Aluminum is found a lot in someones trash or dumpsters especially at construction sites. Some throw out old aluminum screen doors.

They’re plentiful around here. I break the glass and screens out of them after digging them out of the dumpster or when someone brings me one.

You can also find aluminum siding too sometimes. Even cat food cans can be aluminum.

Soda Cans
Soda cans can also be sold. I get every soda/beer can I can find. It takes awhile to add up. But they do eventually add up to some money.

I once took a load of cans in and made $150.00 off them.

I’ll add to this list over time.

How To Scrap A Refrigerator Or Freezer or Air Conditioner.

How To Scrap A Refrigerator Or Freezer?

Most would think that the way to scrap a fridge or freezer would be to just haul it to the local scrap yard.

But wait.  You should first dismantle these to maximize the profit you will make.

Plus Many Scrap yards require at least the compressor to be removed which means you must also remove the refrigerant to do so.

How To Remove The Refrigerant From A Freezer Or Refrigerator?

To remove refrigerant you must be certified to do so.  And Must have the correct equipment. To get certified you can go to and get after reading up you can take the test and if you pass the test you’ll be certified to work with refrigerants.

The Test and certification is cheap too. No way would I do this work and risk a fine from the epa for how cheap and easy the certification is to get.

Steps To Remove The Refrigerant.

If you don’t have one you’ll need to get yourself a refrigerant recovery machine, gauges and tank.  These machines are expensive so if you can’t afford a new one search around on ebay. I bought a good used one for $80.00 on ebay.

Although this stuff is expensive. It’s nothing compared to the fine you’ll get if caught doing this without the proper equipment and certification.

To Remove the refrigerant you’ll need yourself a piercing valve which will pierce the copper line on the freezer or refrigerator.

Without the valve you’ll be unable to hook up your gauges to the lines.  Once hooked up to the line on the appliance. You’ll then take your other line and hook it to the tank.

Turn on the valve on the tank and guages and then turn the machine on. Let it run for awhile until all the refrigerant is removed and in the tank.

After all the refrigerant is removed. Turn off the machine, then close the valve on the tank and remove your gauges.

Next you can begin cutting the copper lines and unbolting the compressor. Once you get the compressor out you may thing to take it to the scrap yard as is.

But wait don’t do that. There’s lots of valuable copper inside those compressors.

To get to the copper all you need to do is cut at the weld  all the way around. It’s hard to describe this in words so I will make a video soon to show how I do it.

You can either use a torch or a chop saw which I use.

Next you can tear into the refrigerator as there’s more copper inside the refrigerator.

If you tear the refrigerator apart you’ll make more money from it then just selling it as is.

Happy Scrapping. Be sure to visit our forum

How to turn your old scrap vehicle into cash

How to turn your scrap vehicle into cash.

So you have this old vehicle just sitting in your driveway or yard and it’s not worth fixing?

Well don’t just let it sit there to rust out. You can turn that old broken down vehicle into cash by hauling it in for scrap.  But first there’s a few things you need to do before hauling the vehicle into the scrap yard and I’ll tell you what you need to do to get the vehicle ready for the scrap yard.

1: Make sure you have the title.

State law now requires every scrap yard to require a title for vehicles. This requirement is due to stolen vehicles being sold for scrap.  You will need to leave the title with the scrap yard when selling it.

2: Remove the battery.

Most if not all scrap yards will require you to remove the battery from your vehicle.  If the battery isn’t any good check to see if your scrap yard will buy batteries. Some do and some don’t.

You can always keep the battery and have it recycled by using it for a core when you buy a new battery.

3: Remove All Fluids if required

Like the battery most scrap yards will require you to drain all fluids from your vehicle. This means draining the motor oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, brake fluid etc.

Some scrap yards even require the gas tanks to be removed or a hole punched in them. Please be careful when removing gas tanks and there is a potential for them to blow up.

Don’t use anything that creates sparks to cut a gas tank. Either unbolt the straps or cut them using bolt cutters.

4: Remove the tires

You’ll most likely need to remove the tires from your car as most scrap yards will not take them with them on the car. What I do is get the vehicle on the trailer and then loosen and remove all but 2 lug nuts on each wheel.

Then when I get to the scrap yard and they lift the car up I remove the 2 lug nuts on each tire and then take them off and put them back on the trailer.

5: Load the vehicle on the trailer and take it to the scrap yard

Next and last step is to take the vehicle to the scrap yard after you’ve loaded it onto the trailer.

Well there is one more step.

6: Enjoy the money that you made scrapping your old car. :)

Yep that’s right. Now go spend that hard earned money on something.